Healing Awareness Week 30th April - 6th May 2018

Getting Involved

You can organise a number of events that bring awareness of Healing to the public, for example:

  • Demonstrations of Healing
  • Talks about Healing
  • Coffee mornings where Healing is discussed
  • Visits to clubs, schools, leisure centres to give talks about Healing
  • Promoting Healing by disseminating leaflets and posters in your local area
  • Participating in a fundraising event that brings attention to Healing
  • Writing an editorial piece for a local publicity journal, which focuses on the benefits of Healing
  • Approach your local GP surgery / hospital / hospice / care home to arrange a demonstration of Healing or a talk or both


Supporting Your Events

Four leading healing organisations have come together to support Healing Awareness Week, to publicise the initiative and encourage healers around the country to run events locally during the week of 30th April to the 6th May 2018.


Promoting Healing Awareness Week

We will publicise Healing Awareness Week through our existing marketing and social media channels, advertising, public relations, websites and newslettters.


Promoting your events on our websites

There will be a specific Healing Awareness Week page on each of the four organisations’ websites where events can be listed

All money raised during this week will be returned to a central contact and distributed to the chosen charities:

Healing Hands Network


Sam Buxton Sunflower Healing Trust


Getting In Touch

To find out more and request publicity materials, contact us at any of the participating organisations or visit our websites below:

www.ukhealers.info www.the-cho.org.uk www.snu.org.uk


The below posters are for you to download and promote the Healing Awareness Week. Please click on the posters to access the full size downloads, you should also be able to 'right click' over the image and select 'save image as' to save the posters to your computer:


Healing awareness week 2018
Click the poster to access a printable/social media version


Healing awareness week 2018
Click the poster to access a printable version with space to promote your event


Healing awareness week 2018
Click the poster to access a printable/social media version


30th April - 6th May 2018

"How are you healing?" at Musgrove Hospital, Taunton, Somerset. An exhibition on healing is being held at the hospital to find out about people's different experiences of the way they physically and mentally heal.