About us


BAHA is one of the oldest and largest body of UK Healing Associations with many Associations representing a significant number of Healers. As a Regulator we work with the Dept of Health, Skills For Health, The Doctor Healer Network, NHS Groups, and other Umbrella Healing Groups and International Organisations to develop the Standards within the Healing Sector. As well as providing Healing services via our Member Associations, we are one of the leading voices in Spiritual Healing and work with other Healing Networks around the world. The British Alliance of Healing Associations is a properly constituted Charity that was originally formed in 1976 using the title of The British Alliance of Healing Associations. Charitable status was acquired in 1982.

The Alliance is an umbrella group of some 40+ Healing Associations and approximately 3,500 Members comprising both Accredited Healers and Student Healers undergoing training. The Alliance has produced a Formal Guide for the Training of Students.

There is a Code of Conduct, which is followed by Members of the Alliance; this contains guidance for Complaints and Disciplinary Procedures.

The Alliance welcomes Associations of all philosophies and disciplines but there is general agreement that healing energies are directed by a divine source - the source to which our Healers seek to attune when giving their Healing services.

However, it is love for our fellow man and Compassionate Healing Intention that motivates our Members in their desire to bring ease and relief from pain and suffering with an improved quality of life for all who seek their help.
Membership of the Alliance is open to Healing Organisations that can satisfy the criteria for membership and are willing to accept and follow the Constitution and Code of Conduct. There are three membership categories: Standard, Associate and Overseas.

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