Internal - External Assessment:

BAHA offer Internal and External Assessments for Student Healers. All Assessments will be based on explicit criteria or Assessment objectives:

  • Students/learners/candidates with learning difficulties and disabilities will be provided with appropriate Assessment and support.
  • It will be the responsibility of the Assessor/Verifier to ensure that all Assessments are consistent, valid, transparent and that evidence is authentic, current, reliable and sufficient.
  • All Students will have access to information on the Assessment procedures and evidence required.
  • Where appropriate involvement in the Assessment processes through  Self-Assessment and review of Assessment activities.
  • Where appropriate Assessment planned and negotiated with the Assessor.
  • Both written and oral feedback will be given on subjects being Assessed.
  • That all Assessors will be working with the Current National Standards Requirements.
  • Our Assessors/Verifiers are Qualified.