Frequently asked questions.
If you have a question about Healing, please consult this list in the first instance.

However, if you are unable to find the answer you are looking for, please contact us.
What is Spiritual Healing and how does it work?
Spiritual Healing is the Channelling of Healing Energies through the Healer to the Recipient by Directing Energy usually through the hands. The Healer seeks to supplement depleted energies of the Recipient to help release the body’s own recuperative abilities.
How does Healing work?
Healers Attune to both the Client and the Healing Energies. There is no need for Manipulation or the Removal of Clothing.
What is its purpose?
The purpose is to Aid Health through Balancing and Harmonising Mind, Body and Spirit, the three elements of your being.
What do I do and will I feel anything?
During the Healing Treatment relax as much as possible. The Healer will help you with this process, whilst also making sure you are comfortable. Have an open mind. A positive attitude will help the Healing process.
You may feel warmth, coldness emanating from the Healer’s hands or perhaps a slight tingling or trembling, or nothing at all. You are likely to feel peace and calm enveloping you as the treatment progresses.
How can I help?
  1. Have Healing on a regular basis
  2. Realise that very often, Health or Illness is influenced by the mind. Your thoughts can either help or hinder the smooth working of your body. Old grievances, guilt complexes, resentments, fears or other harmful emotions can be the cause of ill health. Try to release them. Forgive those who have upset you. Accept your circumstances without resentment. If you have problems of this nature, discuss them with your Healer or the Group Leader.
Can healing help the Terminally ill?
Whilst there can be no implication that Healing can cure, pain may be alleviated and for many a sense of peace and tranquillity is experienced. The fear of death felt by some may also be dispelled. The bereaved too may find much comfort and strength from Healing.
What about my Doctor?

No person, Doctor or Healer can guarantee to cure illness and our Code of Conduct forbids us to claim that a cure can be affected. Healing is not a substitute for orthodox medical treatment; it is Complementary. You should continue to consult your Doctor and we would like you to mention that you are receiving Healing. Explain that it stimulates the Natural Self-healing Forces of the body and does not interfere with Medical Treatment. Two further elements of the Code of Conduct relate specifically to the relationship between you and your Doctor:

  1. A Healer must always ask whether you have consulted a Doctor about your Medical Condition and formally advise you to do so if you have not.
  2. A Healer is forbidden to Diagnose or Countermand the Advice or Medical Treatment prescribed by your Doctor.

A growing number of Doctors nowadays refer their Clients to a Healer or have them working in their practices. The NHS Client’s Charter will support you if you ask your Doctor to refer you to a Healer. You may request a Healer to visit you in Hospital.

How long should I continue with Healing?
Sometimes the Client experiences an improvement in health in one treatment. Far more often the results appear gradually. Please do not get discouraged or give up in the early stages. It is rare to receive Healing over a period without feeling some benefit.
Can I receive Healing at home?
Yes. The Healer or Healing Centre will arrange this for you, if possible.
What do I do when I wish to stop visiting the Healer?
When you decide to stop, please tell the Healer. Healers develop a concern for their Clients and like to know whether the Healing has helped or if there are any problems that have been alleviated.
Do I pay for Healing and how much?
Many Healers do not charge. Some accept a Donation towards their expenses or others may charge a Professional Fee. It is sensible to raise this question at the outset.
Are Client Records kept?
Our Code of Conduct and Professional Indemnity Insurance conditions demand that we do so. A brief account of your condition is recorded and progress reports are made at each subsequent visit. These Records are Confidential, are accessible only to the Healer and Client, and always kept in a safe place.
How can I be sure the Healer is Registered and Qualified?
Ask if they are a Member of any Healing Association Registered with BAHA. Ask for sight of their Current Membership Identity Card. This proof will assure you that the Healer is Fully Trained, will be working to a Mandatory Code of Conduct and will carry Third Party and Professional Indemnity Insurance Cover.