Training Courses

Healing Courses

The British Alliance of Healing associations (BAHA) via its Member Organisations offers Comprehensive Accredited Professional Training Courses for those who wish to become Healing Channels. This can be achieved by completing a Minimum two-year Course.

BAHA Accredited Courses are based on and in some cases exceed the requirements of the Current National Occupational Standards (NOS).

Also, each Student is bound by a Compulsory Code of Conduct and Ethics.

This means that on successful completion of the Accredited Course and a Final Assessment, you can Practice as a Healing channel in a wide variety of settings (including the NHS).

The BAHA Training Courses enable the Student to explore and understand the full range of the Holistic Principles and Practice of Healing under the guidance of our well-established Professional Healer Tutors. It also serves to support the personal Spiritual growth of the Student, who is developing as a Channel for the Healing Energies.

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